Here Are 7 Of the Dopest Places You Should Smoke

Here Are 7 Of the Dopest Places You Should Smoke | StonerDays

We all love to smoke that sweet Mary Jane but location is everything so get together your finest weed and get ready for the smoking adventure of a life time with our StonerDays list of the 7 Dopest Places You Should Smoke. Enjoy!

01 Blagaj is a village-town (kasaba) in the south-eastern region of the Mostar basin, in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unbelievable natural structures and one of the most chill places to smoke.

Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

02 Hobbit Village, Newzealand. Yes this is a real place. If you like Lord of the rings then this is for you. Take a dab rip and trip out or live out your LOTR destiny.


03 Fly Geyser, also known as Fly Ranch Geyser consists of geotherman geyser. It’s on the edge of a reservoir and sits fairly low. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of it!

fly geyser nevada

04 Palouse Falls, Washington. One of the most insane waterfalls in the world. Not to mention it’s in Washington.. and guess whats legal there?

Palouse Falls, Washington

05 Katikies Hotel, Santorini, Greece. This is one of the coolest fucking hotels on earth. Unique, chill and a place you need smoke at.

Katikies Hotel, Santorini, Greece

06 Mount Emei Scenic Area: Leshan Giant Buddha, China. I bet you want to take a fucking selfie with this thing don’t you? It’s ok, just as long as you blaze one. It better be the Buddha.

Mount Emei Scenic Area Leshan Giant Buddha, China

07 Infinite Pool, Hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. If you start saving your money now, maybe in 10 years you can rent a room for 1 day, bring some females, your dopest dope, your boys and live out your fantasy of being a rich bastard.

Infinite Pool, Hotel Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

08 Mount Roraima – Venezuela. This is where they came up with the term “Cloud 9” At this altitude, one hit and you will feel like your flying.

Mount Roraima – Venezuela

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Writer Credit: Ryan Mellow


Here Are 7 Of the Dopest Places You Should Smoke | StonerDays