Stoner Dictionary Meds

Stoner Dictionary Meds

Meds: noun 1. a term for medical marijuana

Example: “I picked up some strong meds at the dispensary to help with my migraines.”

A well known fact that marijuana has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal and healing properties. Well today it is still acknowledged and there are a handful of states that have legal medical marijuana dispensaries. When you are a legalized patient and go to them to get prescriptions, they always give you your marijuana in a prescription bottle. This is where the term meds for weed comes from.

This term can be used to describe mid- grade marijuana, but there are few people that use it in that manner.

Medical marijuana patients commonly use meds to describe marijuana because that’s exactly what it is for them, medicine. Buds tend to give every smoker a little bit of therapy no matter what their initial intentions were. The time has come for every stoner to know whether its Indica or Sativa for them. We need to end the blockage of plant use. All hail Mary Jane.

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