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Trees: noun 1. a slang term for marijuana

Example: “Christmas came early this year when I got these tasty trees from the clinic today.”

These nugs are not used for paper, not saw dust and are not home to woodland creatures either.They are also not cut down at the end of the year to string lights on. No, these are incredible for smoking. Tree is another slang term for pot.

They have a lot of the same characteristics and can sometimes resemble the look of a Christmas stump all lit up with THC crystals instead of lights.

Before the term was popularized many teens would use these forest watchers as a way to mention marijuana around their parents and other authority figures. They could slip a whole marijuana conversation by mom and dad without as much as a second look. Sister says, “Did you want to go to the mall after school?” Brother responds, “Nah, me and some friends are getting together later to climb trees in the park.” This specific diversion might not work too well for a non-athletic person, but you get the point. Cannabis trees are known for taking you to the highest branch to look out from and are fantastic at doing so. 

Trees – Stoner Dictionary

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