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Stoner Dictionary | Torched

Torched: adjective 1. a term used to describe being extremely high on marijuana

Example: “Oh man, I was so torched at the party last night I could barely keep my eyes open.”

Being torched is an extreme case of intoxication. Some may like being so gone that you can barely speak or interact with humans, but others, not so much. Some may describe it as being uncomfortably high, or if you can believe it’s possible, too high. For some it may cause paranoia, anxiety or make them anti-social. So if you get lit and you’re part of the latter group, never fear! It’s only Mary Jane and she doesn’t last forever.

So just relax, take deep breaths, remember that it’s not permanent and try to enjoy it, because there’s definitely a stoner out there that would!

We just made StonerDays Persimmon Cannabis Bread and we are fucking lit. With just one slice of bread and an hour after consumption, we were all feeling great.

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