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Nug Jug: noun 1. a container usually made of wood, plastic, or glass that comes in many sizes and is used specifically for storing cannabis

Example: “My homie Cameron is a glassblower and made this nug jug.”

Just like everything else in the stoner vocabulary, someone had to come up with a sweet name for a stash container, and a rhyming one at that. Nug jugs can come in all shapes and sizes, colors and materials. There is the good old fashioned Ziploc bag that has remained a loyal nug jug for decades. While the plastic bag is pliable and easy to stuff in your pocket or purse, it is not the best choice as it can tear and is not smell proof so carrying it in public places could be risky. Many medical marijuana vendors transport their products in giant plastic turkey bags which do a decent job at keeping the smell contained but are only recommended for large quantities. Though many head shops now carry smell proof plastic baggies, at that point you might as well invest in a nice solid nug jug. Since the medical marijuana boom in the United States and the opening of cannabis dispensaries, the medical container that once only carried prescription pills has become a standard and convenient nug jug. They are cheap to buy in bulk and many clinics will offer discounts for patients who recycle their containers. They come in numerous colors from purple to green to clear, are airtight, smell proof and plastic so they are durable.

In the 1960s and 1970s, cigar boxes and humidor’s were ideal storage devices for marijuana. In addition to storing your stash, you can also keep your stoner kit inside of it, complete with papers, piece and lighter. Although, you will most likely still have to keep your buds in a smaller container within the cigar box, it is still convenient for keeping all of your smoking items organized. It is also great for social situations as you can pull it out and not have to search for any of the items separately, as most stoners do.

For the professional marijuana smoker, however, acquiring the perfect nug jug can be as important as purchasing a new pipe or bong.

Glassblowing is an art that produces some beautiful artifacts. Most artisan nug jugs will be sealed with a large cork and can be found at most, if not all, head shops. Glass containers are the creme de la creme of nug jugs as they keep your marijuana the freshest and are usually airtight. If you are looking for a cheaper, more basic glass nug jug, mason jars make excellent containers, are cheap and are sold at most grocery stores. The average size mason jar can hold about an ounce of marijuana. Most medical marijuana dispensaries display their meds in glass mason jars and some vendors transport their products in them as well. There have been many high tech reinventions of the classic mason jar that are made especially for marijuana storage. Many of them do provide what they promise, however it is usually at a price much higher than your every day mason jar. In the end, it is always good to stick with the classic.

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