Stoner Dictionary | Rollin’

Rollin’: verb/adjective 1. being high on marijuana 2. a term used to describe being high on marijuana

Example: “Two joints and bowl later, I was rollin balls.”

Rollin’ is known to be what you are when you are high on weed. Many people use this term only when referring to purely psychedelic drugs, but is still applies to Mary Jane that gives you a awesome potent high. Another way that rollin’ is used in cannabis conversation is when referring to a bowl of weed that is lit and continuously burning, or otherwise known as cherried. You might hear someone say, “no need to light it again, I got it rollin’.” Or in a different setting you could hear something like this,

“man I got a hold of some fire last night, it had me rollin’.”

Diverse in its meanings and a commonly used term, rollin’ is usually what you’d like to be most of the time.

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