Wacky Tobacky

Stoner Dictionary | Wacky Tobacky

Wacky Tobacky: noun 1. specifically referring to naturally occurring cannabis sativa

Example: “I got some wacky tobacky growin’ out back.”

Thomas Jefferson once said, “that as long as America has hemp she will never experience a shortage of cordage.” Well, in 1937 the government completely banned hemp and by 1942, in the heat of a second World War, the free land was in desperate need of rope. The government then began a campaign, mainly in the southern states, to encourage farmers to grow hemp. Producing a film entitled “Hemp for Victory,” the USDA achieved its goal and the alias finally felt the warm embrace of victory and perhaps a hope for lasting peace.

After the war effort ended the powers that be disavowed any knowledge of the Hemp for Victory campaign and the war on cannabis was back in full swing. 

Today, in the hot and humid states of the south, “volunteer” hemp still grows, and the local farmers call it “wacky tobacky.” Tobacco farming, as well as tobacco smoking, is a common practice in the south and that practice has extended to these left over weeds of war. The song “Wildwood Flower” sings of a good o’l boy who stumbles upon a stand of wild hemp and decides to smoke a bit of the “sweet smelling buds” knowing that “some weeds were good for chewin’ while others were good for smokin.” The wack effects of this green tobacky leave our cornbread eating hero singing on top of a windmill… Look away Dixie Land, look away.

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