Stoner Dictionary Weed

Stoner Dictionary Weed

Weed: noun 1. a slang term for marijuana, chronic, cannabis, pot

Example: “I smoke every weed yeah, I plant that big ol’ seed man, I smoked every strain there is around.” – Walker Young

Wild weed, stinky weed, dirt weed, skank weed, whatever you call it, it still means the same thing: marijuana. Weed is a plant that is unwanted in a garden or a lawn because of its almost instant invasive growth. Weeds proliferate quickly, adapt to many environments and soil changes, and are difficult to eradicate. When found growing naturally in the wild, marijuana exhibits many characteristics that define weed, making this term an appropriate nickname.

Prior to criminalization, cannabis was grown in large quantities not for consumption but for the use of the multi-functional fibers within its stalk that we know as hemp. Imagine a world where we could make paper products with abundantly growing weeds instead of trees that take a lifetime repopulate. The cannabis plant can grow up to 90 times faster than the types of trees used for the majority of paper products. Hemp can also be made into fabric, paper, rope, food, vitamins, and even fuel. Unfortunately, because of the powers that be, this world-changing resource remains untapped and unavailable. However, there is always hope.

The compassionate cannabis plant is becoming more accepted and decriminalized. This is a change that has the possibility of happening in our lifetime.

Referring to the dried flowers of the cannabis plant used for consumption as “weed” has become so common that if you were to complain about “weeds growing” in your garden, you may encourage a visit from the local boys in blue. Weed is a nomenclature for marijuana that has spanned several generations and still remains a standard in cannabis terminology today. The traditional meaning of the word weed suggested something bad or unwanted. In the new age of cannabis insurgency, the word weed has come to mean something welcomed and desired. Famous marijuana advocate and singer Eek-a-Mouse bluntly sings about it in a song aptly titled “I Love Weed.”

Several different types of industries have capitalized on this four letter word with publications such as Weed World magazine, web portals such as WeedMaps.com and even a hit television series simply entitled, “Weeds.” There was even a reality television show on the Discovery Channel titled “Weed Wars” about the ins and outs of a functioning medical marijuana dispensary. The was a series focused on the world’s largest dispensary Harborside, located in Oakland California. Unfortunately, aftter only four episodes, the Discovery Channel mysteriously cancelled the series despite its high ratings. Our country’s fear and control over the way marijuana is depicted comes from the media. The Showtime saga, along with all the other media forums have no doubt rooted this controversial word into our minds.

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