Scissor Hash

Stoner Dictionary | Scissor Hash

Scissor Hash: noun 1. the THC resin that collects on scissors or shears from trimming large amounts of cannabis

Example: “I trimmed so much herb that I rolled the scissor hash into a ball the size of a blueberry!”

A timeless treat to avid growers is scissor hash. This refers to the THC resin that collects on your scissors after trimming your buds. This left over scissor build up is very potent and can be between 40 % and 50% in THC levels. More eager smokers will scrape it off their scissors and roll it up by itself. Some prefer to collect it and sprinkle the hash on top of a bowl.

When smoked alone, scissor hash is said to be harsh and tough to keep down, but worth the extra coughing if you can handle it.

The full concentrated flavor and its high potency make it a very coveted prize and dealing with this hash is probably the only appropriate instance in where you should be running with scissors.

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