Stoner Dictionary | Nuggets

Nuggets: noun 1. a slang term for the smokable flowers of the marijuana plant

Example: “I just got some tasty nuggets from the Kind For Cures dispensary.”

Sometimes while searching for quality bud we come across shiny little green trees some like to call nuggets. How is it shiny? Well the shine comes from the beautiful crystals, or trichomes, made of THC that sit atop the weed so proudly. These are the crystals that get you high and the bigger the THC crystals are, the higher the THC content will be.

Now a good nugget always looks vibrant and colorful, and the richness is something that always stands out to bud lovers.

So if it’s not rich and vibrant don’t call it a nugget. Another common quality you’ll find in nuggets is that they resemble a miniature Christmas tree. They have a wonderful cone shape that appears fluffy, yet dense at the same time. With no mistake a nugget will always catch your eye and leave you satisfied. 

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