Stoner Dictionary | Papers

Papers: noun 1. thin papers made from hemp, rice, wood pulp, or flax used for rolling marijuana cigarettes

Example: “I won a lifetime supply of paper but wish I would have won a lifetime supply of weed too.”

The material and the quality of the paper will determine the burn rate and smoke taste. Many health conscious smokers like to get natural papers that are not bleached and have no chemical treatment.

If you’re not buying the natural stuff then you can expect a thin, white paper.

Paper are also very convenient because they’re relatively cheap, making them great for chronic smokers. Papers are also a great way to roll a joint according to whatever size you see fit, small, medium, or king size. Yeah, king size. With a pack of these thin bad boys in your wallet, you will enter the chance to be a part of many more kush sesh’s. 

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