Roach Clip

Stoner Dictionary |  Roach Clip

Roach Clip: noun 1. a device used to hold the last morsel of a marijuana cigarette

Example: “Yes I smoke shit, straight off the roach clip.” – Cypress Hill

You’ve come too far in smoking this joint to let the last little bit escape you and you won’t be defeated. You’ve reached the very end of your joint, or the roach, and you can hold on no longer, so you grab your roach clip and inhale every last bit of grass. A roach clip is a metal holder that is used to hold your joint when it gets too small and begins burning your lips and fingers. You can make a roach clip out of anything and you can commonly see people making them out of paper clips or bobby pins.

They work very well and allow you to get the most out of your joint.

No one likes having to double up on chapstick because of burned lips and when you burn your fingers and drop your roach, you feel like a stoned butterfingers. The roach clip is the perfect solution to these problems and the best part is you can make one yourself. There are also many roach clips that are available for sale online and in smoke shops that come in lots of cool designs and colors. When you’re smoking a joint there’s no point in wasting any bud, or enduring third degree burns while getting high, grab a roach clip and suck that doobie dry. 

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