Mouth Piece

Stoner Dictionary | Mouth Piece

Mouth Piece: noun 1. a small rolled up piece of cardboard or sturdy paper inserted into one end of a marijuana cigarette

Example: “The joint gets way too soggy if I don’t use a mouth piece.”

A more comfortable smoking experience is always what you want to aim for. Still there are those times when you get little pieces of weed in your mouth when smoking a joint. This is not a fun sensation to anyone and a mouth piece is exactly what helps eliminate this. A mouth piece, or crutch, otherwise known as a filter is a small piece of cardboard or sturdy paper that you fold up and put inside your joint in the end you plan to smoke from.

Some say this allows them a superior smoke flow that is much more desired.

It can also give the smoker a more put together or sturdy feel to the joint. Most people make theirs themselves seeing as how it is a very simple design and idea. If you are a medicinal smoker that frequents dispensaries, you may have noticed that all pre-rolled joints that they carry for purchase have mouth pieces in them. Many really love this technique and say a mouth piece is just the sort of little invention that could end up changing your smoke sessions from now on.

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