Stoner Dictionary | Tulip

Tulip: noun 1. a marijuana cigarette that is hand-rolled into the shape of a tulip

Example: “Dave rolled me a tulip for my birthday and it smoked out 8 people.”

Ah, tulips. A beautiful, timeless and romantic flower. Combine this beauty with Mary Jane, and what do you have? Something out of this world. The tulip is truly stoner origami. Only recommended for the skilled and experienced joint roller, the tulip turns joint rolling from utilitarian to a work of art. First, get the easy part out of the way: the stem. For the best stability, cone papers are recommended and if you don’t want to use those, just use regular papers and roll the first doobie in the shape of cone. Part two, here’s where it get’s difficult: the flower. Depending on how big you want this tulip to be, you will have to fuse at least two regular rolling papers together, increasing the width, not length, as much as needed. Then roll a joint into the shape of a tulip, where it is bulbous at the bottom and pointy at the top.

Fuse the tulip and the step with a small peace of rolling paper and you have a beautiful flower filled with flowers.

Make sure you share it, because it is more than the equivalent of two joints and when the bulbous part of the tulip starts to burn, it’s a whole lotta smoke for one person. This one definitely takes some practice, but don’t give up, because who wouldn’t want a bouquet of Mary Jane tulips?