Stoner Dictionary | Twist

Twist: noun 1. a slang term for a marijuana cigar or cigarette

Example: “Aye bro, you down to blow a twist?”

You can’t go your whole life without trying the twist! A twist or twisty is another name for a joint or blunt. This term was coined because some smokers like to twirl the end of their joints as they believe it burns better this way. For some reason the human race hates to be literal and it’s another case of not being too obvious when referring to smoking weed. You can also use the term as an alternative to saying roll up in this manner,

“I’d love to twist a bunt right now.”

It will always be used like this pretty frequently. A joint is just the thing it takes to shake things up and turn them in your favor, so where’s that lighter again? Now time is better than right now to sit down, break up some kush and roll up a big fatty. We guarantee that is any stoner puts out a mass text saying that you’re tying one up right now will get a huge response back. Take the test today and send out one to your mates.

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