Stoner Dictionary | Baked

Baked: adjective/noun 1. the state of being or becoming extremely high on marijuana

Example: “Did you see Ryan last night? He was beyond Baked!”

The conventional definition of baked is the process of cooking food using a heat source that is not a direct flame. This is not exactly the type of baked that stoners usually refer to. When one has toked a hefty amount of bud, they are considered to be baked. However this can also happen with a small amount of really good product. This term has become somewhat mainstream and even non-smokers know what it means. In addition to the amazing Dave Chappelle stoner movie Half Baked, you can also go to the grocery store, hit up the frozen food section and buy yourself a tasty pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream flavor. Oddly enough, there is even an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette called “Get Baked” with colors named baked and twice baked.

You can usually spot a smoker by their unwillingness to move, red eyes, heavy eyelids, slurred speech and the reoccurring interjection, “You know what would taste really good right now?”

From the hosts point of view, this is a good thing because it proves that their stash is of great quality and has the capability of leaving you baked out of your mind. The only problem with getting too baked is that you usually end up falling asleep. For some, being baked is the goal. After a long day of work or school, being stoned can ease your mind, temporarily erasing all the stress, anxieties, and worries caused by a busy lifestyle. However, for those party stoners, being too high can often be a hindrance, making it difficult to socialize, making you too lazy to leave the couch, or making you pass out and missing an action packed night of activities. There is a way, however, to get the best of both worlds, and that is, get baked in the company of your favorite people. While being in this state may make it difficult to socialize outside of your comfort zone, when you’re in a happy place with familiar faces, it can actually increase socialization! Get together with some friends, pass around the peace pipe, throw on some of your favorite beats and let the power of weed-infused conversation compel you! Being stoned doesn’t always have to be about being glued to the couch in front of the television.

While extreme intoxication of many other substances can cause many of these same side effects, being blazed on marijuana is far less harmful to your body. Whatever your vice may be, there is no denying that being baked is one of the safest and healthiest, versus drugs, alcohol and tobacco. So even if you are baked into oblivion and skip that night of heavy drinking to stay in and zone out, it may not do wonders for your social life, but it definitely will do wonders for your brain cells.


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