Stoner Dictionary | Blazed

Blazed: adjective/verb 1. describing a certain level of highness; more than stoned but less than baked 2. past tense of blaze; the act of burning cannabis and smoking its byproduct

Example: 1. “Bra, I am so blazed right now.” 2. “After work we blazed in my office.”

Fire and wind are a powerful combination of earth’s elements. Together these elements are capable of mass destruction or fast production. Humans have used this dynamic duo to “blaze” trails, power rockets, and conquer the earth’s vast landscapes. “We blazed our way through the wilderness, west,” proclaims one of America’s first adrenalin junkies, Davy Crockett. Mr. Crockett is speaking of discovery, of exploration, of moving along through a new world in search of the big, bright hope.

The official definition of the term blazed as used by the masses is “to burn fiercely or brightly.” As a southern California resident, the image of a vast fire traversing a hillside comes to mind, lighting up the sky with a warm orange hue that can cut through any darkness. Combustion can be beneficial in small doses but deleterious in large ones, making it a force of nature that should be respected and admired. Smokey the Bear definitely understands the power of the blaze as he will forever remind us that only we can prevent forest fires. The alluring glow and warmth of fire creates a hypnotic connection with mankind. Stoners unknowingly worship the almighty blaze, congregating in tight knit groups, ceremoniously passing the torch around the circle and inhaling the rich smoke produced by the combustion.

For many stoners, the smoking circle is a sacred ritual, a time and place for peace and comradery, for laughter and happiness, for freedom and acceptance.

While this blaze is not burning fiercely, it is burning brightly, lighting up the faces and hearts of many. This blaze does not destroy or damage, but rather heals, repairs, shares and releases. Whether it is used to relieve a broken back or a broken heart, there is no denying the magical results of burning, or “blazing,” the marijuana plant. If only the whole world could experience this type of blazing.Is it any wonder that the cannabis community has affectionately adopted the term “blazed?” “Dude, we got so blazed last night,” is not an uncommon phrase amongst smokers. I admit the phrase is not as poetic as the portrayals of our nation’s first explorers, but the implications are still there to describe something new and exciting. Even the sound of the word implies something fast or sharp, and upon hearing it we associate an image of fire and clearing. Whether you are combining the elements to power the next shuttle mission or are just going to use them to get totally blazed with a bud, the results are still the same: out of this world. So grab some fire, grab some wind, and grab a friend. Discover, create, explore, and hope.

Get blazed and then start making your own trails. I mean, start “blazing” your own trails…