Stoner Dictionary | Blitzed

Blitzed: adjective 1. describing a state of being extremely high on marijuana

Example: “I don’t know if I can go out tonight, I am blitzed out of my gourd.”

You’ve just been bombarded, violated, and attacked by the ever so powerful high monster, and now you’re done. Blitzed is what you become when you are extremely stoned and soaring above the atmosphere. Every side effect of being faded seems to hit you at once and you become entangled in a world of time lapses, major munchies, giggles, and then eventually wake up not even knowing that you fell asleep. The incredible feeling of being crushed is one that every pot smoker loves to experience.

We smoke to get high, so smoking and getting really, really high is the best gift ever.

Many describe themselves as being blitzed when they are crazy drunk and high at the same time. Many first time smokers experience the feeling of high  as so intense that it catches them off guard and may be a bit frightening. More often than not, if you’re blitzed then you’re smiling, so the next time you smoke pretend you’re a vacuum and inhale so much that it amazes you, that’s when you know you’re blitzed

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