Stoner Dictionary | Beats

Beats: noun 1. Music listened to before, during and/or after a smoke session.

Example: “Wait, let me put on some beats before we spark up.”

Ever wondered why your favorite song gives you that warm feeling inside? Humans have always had a very strong physiological and cognitive connection with music. With the exception of Beethoven, musical vibrations and frequencies are received through the ear canal, making their first stop at the eardrum. These vibrations cause the eardrum to dance around, sending pressure waves to their second stop: the cochlea, a spiral structure located in the inner ear. Are you still with me? Good, because there’s more! This complex, yet teeny tiny, structure contains several cilia, or hair-like cells, that are each tuned to their own unique key, going from low to high frequencies, similar to the linear layout of a piano keyboard. When these cilia are tickled by music, they send an electrical signal through your brain stem and into your brain where this electric vibration is led to your auditory cortex, located in the temporal lobe of the brain. From here, the streamlined electrical currents burst into a symphony of neurological signals sparking in different regions of the brain where pitch, tempo, lyrics, texture, dynamics and timbre (or tone), are processed, eventually all coming back together as what we hear as music. Simultaneously, these electrical pulses trigger a chemical response in the endocrine system that sends what we feel as emotions, down a nerve superhighway throughout the entire body, creating our deep connection with music. The craziest part, is that all of this happens within fractions of a second! Depending on the type of music you are listening to, it can make you cry, pissed off, smile, or dance until the sun comes up.

That’s more powerful than any drug that exists! The only emotion I would compare it to is that of love.

The sounds of music are literally moving your eardrum, giving new meaning to the idea of music that “moves” you.There are no genres when it comes to Beats, as there are no genres when it comes to smokers. A lot of people say that adding beats to their session heightens their experience. Because marijuana already sends you into a state of heightened sensitivity of taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight, music becomes more than just hearing, it is a feeling too. Music is an entity that has existed since the paleolithic era. It is all around us, sometimes by choice and other times by circumstance. There are some songs you have heard a million times, that you know every beat, every word, and every guitar solo. One of the most profound experiences in music, is hearing one of these songs you’ve heard a million times for the first time. I don’t mean the first time you heard it ever, I mean hearing it and actually listening to it, understanding the lyrics and feeling the rhythms like you’ve never felt before. Marijuana can help create this epiphany. It is kind of cliché, but think of the typical stoner with their headphones on. There’s a reason they are zoned out and bobbing their heads.

Music has always been known to “move people” and be a sort of food for the soul.

When Cannabis is added to that mixture it can make the experience shift to a whole different level. There are an infinite amount of different perceptions the brain is capable of seeing, don’t limit yourself to just one.


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