Fun Facts About Marijuana

Fun Facts About Marijuana

01 It was used to defeat the Nazis! Don’t beleive me? They even made a movie about it. Youtube “Hemp For Victory”

02 The earliest recorded uses of marijuana date from the 3rd millennium BC! The True OG’s


03 You would have to smoke over 800 joints to die from an over dose from marijuana. The Carbon monoxide would kill you, not the THC!


04 The Dankest weed comes from the USA. Not all strains originate from the US but growers have mastered the art and put the US at #1. Afghanistan came in at #2.


05 Marijuana was used as a Truth serum in World War II. It should have been used as a peace treaty.


06 Over 800,000 stoners are arrested every year because of laws against MJ


07 Uruguay was the first country in the world to make it legal to grow, sell and consume marijuana in 2013


08 The US Military invented a synthetic version of Marijuana called Dimethylheptylpyran. one small dose can have lasting effects over a 3 day period.


09 Colorado is such a bad ass state, there are more MJ dispensaries than Starbucks. Three times as many to be exact.


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Fun Facts About Marijuana