Resin Bowl

Stoner Dictionary | Resin Bowl

Resin Bowl: noun 1. the dark, sticky, THC residue that accumulates in pipes and bowl pieces from multiple uses that is scraped with some sort of pointy tool, collected and smoked

Example: “We ran out of herb so Stephanie scraped her bong and packed a fat resin bowl.”

For the seasoned stoner, at some point in your marijuana smoking life, you have most likely had to resort to smoking a resin bowl. They are not generally something smoked by choice but rather by necessity. Everyone prefers a nice fresh bowl of danky green buds, however this luxury is not always available. Let’s say you just paid rent, did your grocery shopping and paid off all your bills. Unfortunately, your stash is all but depleted and you cannot afford to refill until the next week. To some, a bowl at the end of a long day is necessary for more reasons than one.

This is when the stoner springs into action and must become resourceful.

Most potheads will have a plethora of smoking apparatuses ranging from pipes to bongs to vaporizers. Pipes and bong bowl pieces are resin goldmines, especially if they are used on a daily basis. If you are unaware of this, take a look at your pipe or bowl piece. There is a black, sticky film that coats the inside of the bowl as well as the inside of the pipe itself or the down stem of your bowl piece. This is concentrated THC resin. When the marijuana is burned in the pipe, the high temperatures will melt the sticky little trichomes that coat your buds, most of which will flow into your lungs, but the rest will adhere and remain in your piece. The more you smoke, the more this resin accumulates and sometimes it will become so thick that the pipe must be cleared of the resin before it can be used.

Scraping a bowl must be done with strength but also with finesse, as your piece can be broken if too much force is applied. A multi-tool or pocket knife are exceptional tools for scraping resin. Sometimes the resin is so thick that little force has to be used and it just comes off like butter. However, depending on how much this piece has been used, a decent amount of scraping must occur. The residue will be thick and sticky, often staining your fingers black if handled. Your body temperature will quickly melt the resin creating a glue-like coat on your fingers and anything they touch. After the resin has been scraped, it can be molded into a ball and smoked. Because it is pure THC, it will smoke similar to a concentrate such as hash, wax, or goo offering an extremely potent high. However, resin bowls can often be harsh and have a somewhat burnt taste as there is often butane and carbon residue mixed in as well. While a resin bowl is not something that stoners aspire to smoke, it is nice to know that in the event you are dankrupt, you have a little safety deposit chillin’ in your favorite pipe or bowl piece. 

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