Stoner Dictionary | Plumber

Pistils: noun 1. the organ containing pollen receptors of the female cannabis plant that stems from the ovary

 Example: “My female had long beautiful pistils.”

Ah yes, we can’t forget the good ol’ plumber. The plumber is called when something needs fixing right? Well that’s what some people call the dealer or the person giving you pot in exchange for money. They are there to fix your problems by offering you the wonderful herb cannabis, a fitting name to say the least. In this case, not all plumbers are licensed and this term is most often used when referring to an unlicensed dealer, a freelance kind of person. Plumbers are still loved no matter what they have going on legally, they supply the high that we never deny.

Some plumbers will even hook you up with a bit extra if you’re a frequent customer or even a first timer.

If you don’t have the means of growing your own weed then you probably know one of these guys fairly well. Most plumbers are very honest and will tell you the quality of what they have because they understand the relationship between the two of you is valuable, unless for some reason they are just trying to make a quick buck and know that they will never come in contact with you again. But all in all make sure to thank your plumber, they provide a quality service that you really appreciate and most likely they’ll be thanking you too.

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