Stoner Dictionary | Irie Irie: adjective 1. the state of being or becoming high on marijuana; feeling peaceful, content, and blissful 2. an acronym for “I respect I eternally” Origins: It was originally a word used in the Rastafarian culture for feeling great, being enlightened and in a higher mental state. This then became a […]


Half Pound

Stoner Dictionary | Half Pound Half Pound: noun 1. 8 ounces or 224 grams of marijuana Example: “I sold a half pound of Skywalker OG to the dispensary.” If you’re in a routine where you continuously score half pounds, then you can consider yourself on Cheech and Chong status. A half pound of weed is approximately 224 […]

Why Couples Should Smoke Together

Why Couples Should Smoke Together | Stoner Guide We live in a society that definitely doesn’t hide violence. It’s pretty sad how much you see it on the news. Especially domestic violence, which seems to be more common every day. Couples that have the occasional fight aren’t that bad. In fact, studies have shown that arguing […]


Stoner Dictionary | Giggles Giggles: noun 1. an uncontrollable urge to laugh and smile while under the influence of marijuana Example: “We smoked so much weed on our camping trip that we had the giggles all weekend.” Laughing with your friends is such a great feeling that most people enjoy wholeheartedly. Laughing with your friends […]

Mary Jane Wake N Bake Stoner Pictures

Mary Jane Wake N Bake Stoner Pictures Mary Jane Wake N Bake Stoner Pictures How was the night? Glad to have you back for your morning Wake N Bake daily stoner submissions. Thanks to all of you StonerDays can bring the world of stoners together. Keep up the smoking and creativity with stoners just like […]

Cannabis Talk On Mother’s Day

Cannabis Talk On Mother’s Day? Stoners have a tough time with the parental discussion on marijuana reform. For some, the talk is extremely easy and some parents even raise their kids and actually teach their children about marijuana in the positive, truthful way. Other stoners don’t get so lucky and wind up getting taught the […]


Stoner Dictionary | G-Pen G-Pen: noun 1. a type of personal pocket-sized concentrate vaporizer Origin: created by Grenco Science Example: “I love bringing my G-Pen to music festivals cause no one knows what it is.” Just like the telephone, electronic marijuana devices are getting smaller and fancier as the years go by. First there was […]


Stoner Dictionary | Cottonmouth Cottonmouth: noun 1. extreme dry-mouth caused by smoking marijuana Example: “Can I have a sip of your water? I have the worst cottonmouth.” Cottonmouth is one of the only negative side effects of smoking marijuana among its users. The clinical term is xerostomia and it is nicknamed cottonmouth because of the white, […]


Stoner Dictionary | Cocktail Cocktail: noun 1. a rolled cigarette containing marijuana and hash, a marijuana concentrate Example: “That cocktail got me so blitzed I passed out.” The marijuana cocktail can be a mixture of things. People use this term to describe weed that is laced with hash, tobacco, or sometimes even cocaine. Some prefer […]


Stoner Dictionary | Female  Female: noun 1. the sex of marijuana plant that produces trichome covered buds which have a high tetrahydrocannabinol content  Example: “I grew a plant from seed and thankfully it was female.“ When it comes to marijuana we are all looking for a good female. This is because only these pretty plants produce […]


Stoner Dictionary | Chronic Chronic: adjective 1. a term used to describe high grade, or top shelf, marijuana Example: “You will be given a lifetime supply of chronic marijuana to accompany you on this island.” Imagine that for some strange reason an eccentric psychopath has banished you to a remote island where you will live […]


Stoner Dictionary | Fatty  Fatty: noun 1. an extremely plump marijuana cigarette Example: “Mikey rolled a fatty and all eight of us puffed on it.” The joint is one of the more simple pleasures that stoners enjoy. A fatty is a marijuana cigarette (joint) that is obviously fatter than usual. It’s pretty simple, when you’re […]

Geek Out

Stoner Dictionary | Geek Out Geek out: noun 1. an uncontrollable fit of laughter while under the influence of marijuana by inexperienced smokers Example: “We smoked him out for the first time and he geeked out all night.” The uncontrollable fits of laughter experienced by most newbies to the smoking world is known widely as […]


Stoner Dictionary | FourTwenty FourTwenty: date 1. April 20th, the unofficial marijuana smoker’s holiday primarily observed in the United States Origin: San Rafael, California Example: “Happy FourTwenty!” There is one glorious day out of the year where the whole stoner nation celebrates and honors the glorious plant we call cannabis. This day is April 20th […]


Stoner Dictionary | Couch-Lock Couch-Lock: noun 1. being so high on marijuana that you are in a vegetative state Example: “Hope you have nothing to do today cause this kush will definitely gives you couch-lock.” Now a term that is commonly used in dispensaries to describe the effects of some heavy indicas, couch-lock could be […]


Stoner Dictionary | Diesel Diesel: noun 1. a sativa dominant variety of marijuana strains possessing a pungent gasoline aroma Example: “The smell of that diesel was like a punch in the face.” Bustling city streets, yelling taxi cab drivers, city lights, Time Square, New York. NY is said to be the birthplace of this original […]


Stoner Dictionary | Concentrate Concentrate: noun 1. the concentrated form of the active ingredients in cannabis: THC, CBD, CBN, and THCV Example: “I picked up some concentrate from the dispensary, the budtender said it would relieve my insomnia.” Cannabis is a beautiful, magical, and sophisticated plant; it can be manipulated into different forms and be […]


Stoner Dictionary | Doobie Doobie: noun 1. a rolled marijuna cigarette Example: “Dale rolled a doobie for disc golf.” “Black Water,” “China Grove,” “Listen to the Music,” “Takin’ it to the Streets,” any of these songs ring a bell? These are just a few hits from the ever so talented Doobie Brothers, and just by […]


Stoner Dictionary | Elevated Elevated: adjective 1. a slightly psychedelic level of highness on marijuana Example: “Nick was so elevated off that hash last night.” You’ve been high a multitude of times, around many people in many settings. Still there are those specific instances you know you’ll never forget. These are the times you were […]

cherried marijuana bowl


Stoner Dictionary | Cherried Cherried: noun 1. when the bowl of marijuana is lit and the ember continues to burn through many rounds of smoking without re-lighting. Example: “You don’t need to light it, it’s cherried.” Achieving a cherry during a smoke session is somewhat of an art. Many people wonder if there is a certain […]

Cocoa Puffs

Stoner Dictionary | Cocoa Puffs CocoaPuffs: noun 1. marijuana laced with cocaine Example: “Did we just smoke cocoa puffs? That bowl made me so hyper!” Marijuana can often be laced with other drugs. This term was made famous by the Nelly song “Country Grammar” in the lyrics “shimmy, shimmy, cocoa what? Listen to it proud, light it […]

New Hampshire Opens First MMJ Dispensary

New Hampshire Opens First MMJ Dispensary | Stoner News The east coast is much further behind on the cannabis legalization front than the west. There are no states on the east coast that have legalized the plant and some are just being plain stubborn. Take for example, New Hampshire. This small north eastern state legalized […]


Stoner Dictionary | Cannabutter Cannabutter: noun 1. cannabis infused butter Example: “I made this special peach cobbler with cannabutter.” Looking to make a tasty treat? Well if you’re like many other cannabis lovers, you’ll probably need cannabutter. With cannabutter, the possibilities are taken to a higher level, if you know what I mean. To make a […]


Stoner Dictionary | Bud  Bud: noun 1. the flowers or colas of the cannabis plant containing the highest concentrate of psychoactive compounds tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol, and cannabinol 2. the part of the cannabis plant most prevalently smoked Example: “There is a beautiful bud glistening on my God’s Gift in the backyard.” Bud is a colloquial word […]

Rosin Chip Canna-Coconut Brownies

Rosin Chip Canna-Coconut Brownies | Stoner Cookbook What You’ll Need; 10-20 grams of rosin chips (use according to potency preference) 1 1/3 cups coconut oil Coffee grinder Cheesecloth 2 boxes brownie mix (and the ingredients on the box but sub out the oil for coconut oil that you will be making) Start off by grinding up […]

Five Marijuana Myths

Five Marijuana Myths Everyone these days is familiar with the tactics used by DARE and films like Reefer Madness. This ridiculous propaganda leads many to believe that cannabis is a killer plant, something that will make you stupid and slow. But in reality, that’s not true. So much new information has flooded the media regarding […]

Five Ridiculous Laws Pertaining To Cannabis

Five Ridiculous Laws Pertaining To Cannabis Some cannabis laws are in place to keep us safe, but these laws seem to come from a long ago forgotten time when you hand cranked up your jalopy and drove to the box social with your sweetie. Thankfully, the laws are beginning to change. With the help of […]

How To Talk To Children About Cannabis

How To Talk To Children About Cannabis Kids these days are the future of our generation, obviously, much like we were fifteen-twenty years ago. Unfortunately for us, the youth is more preoccupied with how many followers they have on Twitter rather than the real issues that are at stake. One of these such issues being […]

Cannabis In The NFL

Cannabis In The NFL Major league sports aren’t exempt from drug use. But most players involved in heavy contact sports such as football usually aren’t using marijuana. Instead, it is found that a lot of these players have issues with painkillers and prescribed drugs. Since they are always getting hit so hard, players need something […]

Cannabis Vs Epilepsy Drugs

Cannabis Vs Epilepsy Drugs As the cannabis plant becomes more researched for its properties relating to epilepsy, more parents of epileptic children are opening their minds to the possibility of what this plant can do for their families. There are hundreds of children that are suffering from epilepsy and the complications that arise from it. […]

Marijuana Butter Recipe

Marijuana Butter Recipe Here’s a “fancy” recipe on how to make cannabutter, enjoy. What you will need: 1 bag of shake (roughly 1/2 pound – 1 pound) Large cooking/stock pot (mine is a 4 gallon) 5 pounds butter or margarine cheesecloth for straining thick elastic bands empty plastic containers with lids (ice-cream pails or large Tupperware work […]

Five Reasons Patrick Star Is The Smoking Man’s Smoking Man

Five Reasons Patrick Star Is The Smoking Man’s, Smoking Man.. Cartoons like Spongebob were once pitched to adult TV show networks… And rejected. So when the writers changed the script for the younger minds, they failed to take out a few of the more adult references. Watching Spongebob as an adult will show you how […]

Stoner Cookbook; Mashed Grapefruit Sweet Potatoes

Stoner Cookbook; Mashed Grapefruit Sweet Potatoes Cooking is a huge part of the holidays for most people. The main course is definitely important but what would that be without those delicious added bonus foods? Side dishes are always very important for the holiday meals. Everyone knows that mashed potatoes are probably the best part of […]


Stoner Dictionary | Blitzed Blitzed: adjective 1. describing a state of being extremely high on marijuana Example: “I don’t know if I can go out tonight, I am blitzed out of my gourd.” You’ve just been bombarded, violated, and attacked by the ever so powerful high monster, and now you’re done. Blitzed is what you become when […]


Stoner Dictionary | Beats Beats: noun 1. Music listened to before, during and/or after a smoke session. Example: “Wait, let me put on some beats before we spark up.” Ever wondered why your favorite song gives you that warm feeling inside? Humans have always had a very strong physiological and cognitive connection with music. With the exception of Beethoven, […]

Fun Facts About Marijuana

Fun Facts About Marijuana  It was used to defeat the Nazis! Don’t beleive me? They even made a movie about it. Youtube “Hemp For Victory”  The earliest recorded uses of marijuana date from the 3rd millennium BC! The True OG’s  You would have to smoke over 800 joints to die from an over dose from […]

Stoner Tattoos

Stoner Tattoos | StonerDays Stoners around the world love showing there support to the marijuana community with tattoos. A form of expression, individuality and most of all love, goes into every tattoo giving life to the main goal, legalizing marijuana around the world. From all of us here at Stonerdays, we would like to take this […]

10 Things You Will Never Hear a Stoner Say

10 Thing’s You Will Never Hear a Stoner Say In the stoner community you will come across some hilarious and entertaining comments. Here are ten comments you will NEVER hear a stoner say, Enjoy!  I think we’ve smoked enough bro, it’s 8 o’clock. Let’s call it a night.  Dude fuck pizza! Let’s eat rice cakes..  My […]

Stoned Vs. Drunk: Pizza Eating Challenge

Stoned Vs. Drunk: Pizza Eating Challenge Well the guys at Buzz Feed are back at it again. This time they are challenging stoners and drunks in an ultimate competition of eating! Spoiler alert! Although team drunk wins they all are definitely enjoying themselves. Let us know what you think in the comments below and you […]

Top 10 Trippy Stoner Movies

  Pink Floyd: The Wall The Wall manages to comprise all the deatils you look for in a trippy mind bending movie and rolled them all into one. Full of music, vivid imagery, and sounds that are completely original, it’s a refreshing film to feast your eyes on. The symbolic scenes depicted get the wheels […]


Stoner Dictionary | Blunt Blunt: noun 1. A cigar leaf (or wrapper) filled with ground marijuana instead of tobacco Origin: a popular cigar brand, Phillies Blunts, gutted of tobacco and filled with cannabis. Example: “Smoke a blunt, nice and slow, hold the smoke then let it go.” – Afroman You may not have read the comic […]

Pot Use and Pregnancy

Pot Use and Pregnancy By Paul Armentano [Author’s note: This essay originally appeared in article form in the June 2007 issue of Heads Magazine. It has been updated for publication by NORML.] Few issues concerning cannabis and health evoke more disparate opinions than the question of maternal pot use during pregnancy. It’s easy to see […]

Fox News Releases Poll That Supports Marijuana Legalization

Fox News Releases Poll That Supports Marijuana Legalization Before you call me crazy, yes I am talking about the Fox News that we’re all familiar with. The one that refused to show support for marijuana… Up until now. With the public pressing for more marijuana information, the media giant Fox had no choice but to […]

Cannabis In The NFL

Cannabis In The NFL Major league sports aren’t exempt from drug use. But most players involved in heavy contact sports such as football usually aren’t using marijuana. Instead, it is found that a lot of these players have issues with painkillers and prescribed drugs. Since they are always getting hit so hard, players need something […]


Stoner Dictionary | Bong Bong: noun 1. a pipe of various shapes and sizes used to inhale the combustible flowers of cannabis filtering the smoke through water that is stored in its basin Origins: allegedly Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines and/or Africa Etymology: a derivation of the Thai word baung translated as a cylindrical tube […]


Stoner Dictionary | Brick Brick: noun 1. a pound or kilo of marijuana pressed into a block or brick Origin: mainstream cannabis distributors, predominantly in Mexico, press the product into bricks for easier transport Example: “The DEA confiscated 20 bricks from the distributor.” Most of the time when we think of bricks we imagine the red kind used to […]

Cannabis Compared To Epilepsy Drugs

Cannabis Compared To Epilepsy Drugs As the cannabis plant becomes more researched for its properties relating to epilepsy, more parents of epileptic children are opening their minds to the possibility of what this plant can do for their families. There are hundreds of children that are suffering from epilepsy and the complications that arise from […]

Brick Weed

Stoner Dictionary | Brick Weed Brick Weed: noun 1. a pound or kilo of, usually low quality, marijuana pressed into a block or brick Origin: mainstream cannabis distributors, predominantly in Mexico, press the product into bricks for easier transport Example: “This brick weed from my dealer is bunk, I should have gone to the clinic instead.” Cannabis is a unique plant which […]


Stoner Dictionary | Broken Broken: adjective 1. a term used to describe an empty marijuana pipe. Fill it!  Example: “Dude why is your pipe broken?” Some might think you are referring too a broken piece of glass. But this term is used to describe an empty pipe that desperately needs to be filled. If you find yourself […]

Five Places To Cure The Munchies In Denver

Five Places To Cure The Munchies In Denver | Stoner Blog If you’re a stoner, you know the munchies. They rear their ugly head whenever you’ve gotten the most comfy on the couch. All of a sudden, you’re craving some insane pizza slices, maybe a heaping burger topped with egg or whatever, or perhaps you […]

Bubble Hash

Stoner Dictionary | Bubble Hash Bubble Hash: noun 1. a very refined marijuana concentrate made by using ice water, cannabis trimmings or bud material, and a series of screens or bags Origin: Canadian hash connoisseur, “Bubble Man,” is accredited with the creation of the bubble hash making process as well as the term itself. Example: “One rip […]


Stoner Dictionary | Brownies Marijuana Brownies: noun 1. chocolate brownies baked with cannabis infused butter; also known as special or magic brownies Example: “I ate special brownies at the concert and they took me to another planet.” What came first, the stoner or the brownie? The cannabis community has always been innovative, especially when it […]

Bubonic Chronic

Stoner Dictionary | Bubonic Chronic  Bubonic Chronic: adjective/noun 1. extremely potent and pungent marijuana Example: “This bubonic chronic made my back pain disappear.” In the 14th century, the Bubonic Plague wiped out nearly half of the European population. The so called Black Death was characterized by swelling of the nodes, painful lesions, and seizures. The fear […]


Stoner Dictionary | Buddha Buddha: adjective/noun 1. a term used to describe the soothing and tranquil effects of certain strains of marijuana 2. a 100% sativa strain variety grown predominantly in Thailand Example: 1. “This herb is so Buddha, it will send you straight to nirvana.” 2. “I just picked up a strain from the clinic called Buddha.” Hearing […]


Stoner Dictionary | Budiquette Budiquette: noun 1. a set of standards and codes of polite behavior practiced within the marijuana social community Example: “He has no budiquette, he completely skipped me in the rotation.” So you think you know your stuff? Think you’re ready to finally take your cool bong out of your mom’s basement and fraternize […]


Stoner Dictionary | Buffalo Chokes Buffalo: noun 1. when the excessive inhalation of marijuana smoke causes an intense coughing fit; also called buffalo choke Example: “I got a serious case of the buffalo chokes.” Sometimes a stoner’s eyes may be bigger than their lungs. This will result in someone attempting to inhale a major hit but only ending up […]


Stoner Dictionary | Budtender Budtender: noun 1. a person who weighs out portions of medical marijuana and provides information about the suggested use of each product to his or her patient/members 2. a volunteer at a medical marijuana collective Example: “The budtender suggested the perfect strain to help with my sciatica pain.” A highly coveted position in […]

Stoned Moments

Stoned Moments; Stoner Images   StonerDays continues to lead the Stoner Community with a higher state of mind. Committed to you and each member of our stoner team. We have expanded our stoner army and are always looking for more to add to the team! We do this with our most important asset in mind-you! Our valued stoners. Send us […]