Fire It Up

Stoner Dictionary | Fire It Up

Fire It Up: verb 1. the act of lighting marijuana and smoking it

Example: “I’m gonna fire it up the second I get home from work.”

It’s been a long day, you stopped off by your favorite pizza place for a delicious take home dinner. You finally made it to your living room couch in front of the T.V. and now it’s time to fire it up. Probably one of the most honored act of a stoner. When you’re inside your realm and everything is there. All your utensils and all your green.

Pick up that joint, bong, pipe, what have you, and light it.

Some use this as a way to say let’s smoke. “Come on guys lets fire it up.” The term itself sounds a bit southern in nature, but it’s known to be a pretty popular saying in many different places. Chances are if you know a stoner, they’ll know what it means to fire it up, and do so very often.

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