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FourTwenty: date 1. April 20th, the unofficial marijuana smoker’s holiday primarily observed in the United States

Origin: San Rafael, California

Example: “Happy FourTwenty!”

There is one glorious day out of the year where the whole stoner nation celebrates and honors the glorious plant we call cannabis. This day is April 20th or otherwise known as 4/20. Yes, this is what most people are referring to when they talk or say four-twenty. If you are a dedicated smoker, you celebrate this holiday in some way, shape or form. It is known as the national weed smokers’ holiday. Because the legends say that it was originated in Northern California, there are several music festivals and four-twenty gatherings held all over the Bay, Santa Cruz area, the Emerald Triangle and beyond. Some of these festivals or gatherings are unofficial events where stoners come out of the woodworks and join together in celebration of our most sacred herb. It has become an unofficial “ditch day” at many high schools where kids will cut class to pay homage to the greenest member of their crew, Mary Jane. This is in no way encouraging that kids cut class, because even stoners understand the importance of an education, but it is a trend that will most likely continue. There are several unique ways to celebrate this stoner holiday. Some like to get together with their closest smoking circle of friends and pass the peace pipe around, sharing in deep and intellectual conversation. Others may throw a party in honor of Mary Jane, smoking the night away to music, laughter, and dancing. Others like to enjoy it spiritually and engage in a drum circle on the beach with no shortage of beats or herbs. However, wherever, and whomever you celebrate with, as long as the guest of honor is present, you are sure to have a suitable April 20th.

Some people say that 4:20pm (or for the nocturnal, 4:20am) is the perfect time of day to smoke, but if you want to get into the specifics of the 4/20 history, it goes a little something like this: there was a group of kids that attended San Rafael High School back in 1971 who especially enjoyed our lady Mary Jane…

4:20 was allegedly the code term the friends used for the time of day they would meet up on campus and smoke some bud. Steven Hager, editor of High Times magazine, also attested to this theory. He specified that this group of kids who were responsible for spreading this term were “Deadheads” or Grateful Dead followers, which was extremely prevalent in the San Rafael area. They supposedly believed that 4:20pm was the most socially acceptable time to smoke their sacred herbs. Exactly why the seemingly arbitrary time of 4:20pm was chosen remains a mystery. Just as most slang terms do, 4:20 spread like wild fire and has become a standard term in the stoner lexicon. Regardless of what you believe or how you choose to celebrate, there’s no argument that four-twenty is a part of marijuana culture, and plays a pretty big one at that.

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