Stoner Dictionary | 420

4/20 (20-Apr)date 1. the best day of the year

Origin: San Rafael

Example: “High! Happy 4/20!”

420 or April 20th is the biggest day of the year for marijuana consumers.

Every year on this cannabis cultural holiday, smokers everywhere unite to celebrate the life of the greenest plant on Earth.

420 Protest, smoke-ins, conferences, and smoke-outs take place on this spring day. The One Million Marijuana March encourages all stoners to march and smoke. Most of these demonstrations are allowed to take place without significant police intrusion and violence is rarely a problem. This Independence Day for pot heads may leave city parks and college campuses filled with clouds of exhaled enchantment, but it also gives prohibition a warning of what’s to come. So mark your calendar and rest up for the next 420, no doubt this one will be dankier than the last.

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