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Snoop Dogg | Stonerdays

Long Beach, California couldn’t have wished for a better marijuana spokesperson than Snoop Dogg.

The LBC isn’t the only place Snoop gets lots of love, he’s given the up-most respect everywhere he travels.

This is because of his overly addictive, feel good, laid back gangsta jams.

The fact that he burns down the tree like a forest fire has done wonders for him in his musical career. Snoop Dogg deserves every bit of recognition he gets or being such a fantastical stoner and lyrical genius.

For years he’s managed to give us quality get high and ride out music to be cloaked in a cloud of smoke to, thanks Dogg.

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. better known as Snoop D-O Double G was born October 20,1971 and boy are we glad. Things began to take a successful twist for Snoop in 1992 when a hip hop producer guru by the name of

Dr. Dre discovered Dogg’s untapped talent and decided to help him take his talents to infinity and beyond.

It’s true that his image has changed continuously over the years and is still evolving, still Snoop has never failed to keep in touch with his fans. He has been the star of his own reality T.V. show and many philanthropic endeavors. All the while supplying our high minds with good music.

Snoop’s first album entitled, “Doggystyle”  went 4x Platinum so winning is nothing new to this man.

He’s a champion through and through that knows how to stay true to himself, no matter what prosecution he may face or slashes from internet trolls and media.

In 2013 Snoop is so much more than an inspirational stoner but an icon, an icon that also happens to love smoking ganja and enjoying life, sucking all the sweet juices out of it in fact.Now it’s time to throw on some Snoop Dogg and light the Indo because really, there is nothing else that you should be doing.

Snoop Dogg | Stonerdays

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