Tokin Tuesday Weed Talk

Tokin Tuesday Weed Talk

In our society we love to be entertained, we love things to talk about that connects us with others like sports, politics, music, or art.

Within all of these categories there is a language that can only be decoded if you are knowledgeable in that subject. Marijuana is exactly the same way, and some people feel it’s actually more entertaining to talk about than all those other subjects combined.

This Tokin Tuesday Weed Talk edition is all about our lingo and what it means to us as a people.

For more beyond awesome lingo check out the Stoner Dictionary!

Code words for MJ have been being used fo centuries as a way to stay under the radar but still remain high at all times.

It also adds flare to the already awesome and laid back personalities that stones have.

They have so many meanings and can be used in some pretty diverse situations, for example:

Dealer Talk

You might want a quarter, dime, nick, half, eighth, watevs. Chances are you’ll say one of these things and no need to elaborate because of course he or she will know what you mean.

Friend Talk

“Aye Bro, let’s blow some trees after work and roll up that fire! Scored a blunt and a few bowls worth too, shit’s gonna be dope!”

Authority Talk

“I think 4:20 pm would be a great time to take a walk and admire the greenery”. “Yes honey, the trees are in bloom and the flowers are so high”.

These are a few ways that you can incorporate cannabis conversation into your everyday life.

You may not even notice that you’ve been having a 45 minute conversation with your sister about marijuana because you never actually said the word “marijuana”.

How sweet is that?! Thanks for reading stoners! Flip through the StonerDays Stoner Dictionary for more smokin’ slang.

Tokin Tuesday Weed Talk

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