Best Places to Get Stoned

Best Places to Get Stoned

So it’s officially 4:20 and you’re ready to burn it down!

Everything you could have ever wanted is just a puff away, and the anticipation building up inside of you is thicker than smoke.

What scenery shall have the privilege to bask in the presence of you and MJ, such a beautiful couple. 

This StonerDays feature is all about the best places to get stoned. Lighting up is ritual and should be thought about to some degree to make sure you get the most out of your session.

The Bathroom

Yes people, the restroom is the perfect place for a toke. It’s a bit secluded and most have at least one window if you need to air out, or just small enough for a killer hot box.

There’s also multiple places you can ash in the powder room like the sink and the toilet.

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

The Car

The original hot box is always in the top places to toke up. You get to enjoy the passing or still scenery from high eyes, and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Throw on the radio and freak out to your favorite artists while you’re at it.

Roll up all of the windows, lock the doors, and proceed to get trippy mane.


Marijuana is as natural a thing as birds flying in the sky.

Smoking a doobie in the wide open fresh air gives you a connection with the bud like no other.

Smoking earth while enjoying earth is something that every cannabis lover should treat themselves to.

Night-time smokes are the best as you star gaze into the darkness blunted up and carefree, searching for UFO’S

or shooting stars because you’re feelin’ it and know they’re out there staring back at you. Just as amazed as you are to be alive in such a wonderful time in history…..see what we mean, trippy.

These are just a few places where cannabis sativa can be intensely enjoyed. Of course you realize that 24/7, 365 anywhere, anyplace is the perfect time to burn the bowl….

except maybe in front of a police station, don’t do that. Stay Fly Stoners!

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