Stoner Dictionary | Dabs 

Dabs: noun 1. a form of marijuana concentrate commonly in wax or oil form

Example: “A dab will do ya good.”

The old saying, “a dab will do ya,” has never been more true than in this scenario. The term “dab” is derived from the correct use of the actual noun as in “ do you want a dab,” when referring to this concentrated oil. It later evolved into, “hey, let’s dab.” Dabs are known for their incredibly high potency levels which some are said to reach into the 90th percentile. These little dabs can pack a mean punch and when using them, require a bit of attention. A dab in its wax form is a bit different than other concentrates in the way that you can’t just put it atop your tree and smoke it. More often than not, a regular lighter flame will not be hot enough to melt it. This, my friends, is where the “oil rig” makes its debut to the stage. An oil rig is a bong designed specifically for smoking dabs.

One hit from a concentrate bong is most comparable to smoking one moderate sized joint.

The potency and excitement of the dab is what adds to its popularity today. Most dispensaries carry them, you just ask for them by name and you’ll be soaring in no time.

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