Stoner Dictionary | Grass

Grass: noun 1. a 1960s slang term for marijuana

Example: “Hey man, this is some far out grass, man.”

When a lawn is full of this kind of marijuana, would it get cut much less often than usual? Oh yeah, grass is marijuana and it’s pretty obvious why it’s a popular term for cannabis. Often has the same color characteristics as Mary Jane and they’re both plants, maybe even distant cousins! Weed can be thought of as the way more awesome psychedelic, high producing green. It should definitely not considered to be a chore to deal with. The next time you take a step into your font yard admiring your rich green landscape, roll a joint of super grass; it’ll look a lot cooler.

The legalization of cannabis is moving forward in the U.S. since 2014 & all front yards will once again be filled with green.

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