Geek Out

Stoner Dictionary | Geek Out

Geek out: noun 1. an uncontrollable fit of laughter while under the influence of marijuana by inexperienced smokers

Example: “We smoked him out for the first time and he geeked out all night.”

The uncontrollable fits of laughter experienced by most newbies to the smoking world is known widely as a geek out. This isn’t your average case of the giggles, no, no, no, it’s far graver. This is zoned out gut busting laughs with visions and a slight seizure (just kidding). If these symptoms did not occur than you probably didn’t geek out. Seriously, it’s that serious. Some people have been known to get carried away and display some super outrageous body movements and sounds that can only be explained as other worldly. Everyone that experiences a geek out goes through something different obviously. The interesting part is that it’s always so unexpected.

The way a geek out starts is usually just strong laughter for no apparent reason and then the falling on the floor onto your back.

This is preceded by wild limb movements and funny facial expressions. At this point you are unsure if your life will just go on as one big laughing matter (pun intended). You eventually stop laughing and all you have left is the memory of that amazing phenomena. It’s really a very special experience, so smoke up and geek out!

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