Stoner Dictionary | Fatty 

Fatty: noun 1. an extremely plump marijuana cigarette

Example: “Mikey rolled a fatty and all eight of us puffed on it.”

The joint is one of the more simple pleasures that stoners enjoy. A fatty is a marijuana cigarette (joint) that is obviously fatter than usual. It’s pretty simple, when you’re rolling a joint and you reach the point where you would usually zip it up, add about 7 more times that amount of weed. Now you’ve got yourself a fatty! Every smoker loves to see fatties and admire their beauty even if it’s not theirs.

“Yo man, that’s a fatt one right there!”

“Dude, I didn’t know you were rolling a fatty.”

These are some common phrases you might hear when in the presence of a fatty, and while you’re taking a hit make sure you take the time out to feel pretty lucky. When indulging in such a large joint, one should kick back and enjoy the moment. It’s like being at a national park and taking in the scenery. There is a special felling one receives when holding such a large joint that makes most senses enhanced during the sesh. Call up the crew because we’re rolling large.

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