Stoner Dictionary | Chronic

Chronic: adjective 1. a term used to describe high grade, or top shelf, marijuana

Example: “You will be given a lifetime supply of chronic marijuana to accompany you on this island.”

Imagine that for some strange reason an eccentric psychopath has banished you to a remote island where you will live by your lonesome for the rest of eternity. You begin feeling as if all is lost until you hear this psycho say, “you will be given a lifetime supply of chronic marijuana to accompany you on this island.” Jackpot! All of a sudden your feelings of despair turn to those of immense joy because you know that you have just won the weed lottery, so to speak. Chronic is said to be the best bud that money can buy, one of extreme potency and great taste. It has all the personality traits of a perfect strain, potent and longer lasting high and gives you a feeling comparable to no other. Chronic is only used to describe high yielding strains with extremely potent levels of THC. Often visible to the naked eye, chronic weed will have a glittering coat of trichomes, or THC resin glands, that appear as frosty crystals. Snoop Dogg said it best in the famous song “Gin and Juice,” “And a fat ass J of some bubonic chronic that made me choke. Shit this ain’t no joke.” The aroma of some really chronic herb will feel like a punch to the face and cannot be concealed in a mere Ziploc bag.

If danky weed is in your pocket or your car, you better believe the smell will not be contained.

Since the days of dispensaries are now dawning, the term top shelf has become the most popular word used to describe highly potent marijuana. However, every stoner on the western hemisphere will know exactly what you want if you ask for some “chronic herb.” Do not be afraid to inquire with your local budtender about the best chronic money can buy.Because of the exponential growth of marijuana slang, chronic is a term that is not used as much as it once was. It was most prevalent in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Back then, the only weed anyone wanted to get their hands on was that ol’ reliable chronic.

Just like strains of weed, slang terms can also go in and out of style. Chronic gets its name from the idea that once you smoke it you will become, or want to become, a chronic user of it. Medicinally, it has also been debated that the term came from the idea of only the strongest pot helping to relieve chronic pain. Therefore, those suffering from various ailments only wanted to smoke that chronic. In certain areas, commonly the east coast, they use the slang term chronic to describe marijuana that is laced with cocaine. This definition is very uncommon on the west coast but more often than not, if you can get your paws on some chronic, it’s going to be some highly awesome dank. 

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