Stoner Dictionary | Clone

Clone: noun 1. a genetic duplicate of a marijuana plant

Example: “I didn’t grow this crop from seed this time, I grew it from clone.”

When referring to marijuana it’s exactly what it sounds like, a clone of a marijuana plant. A method used by weed growers to multiply their crop. The process is fairly simple: you cut a stem from a healthy plant while it’s in the vegetative state of growth, (commonly referred to as the mother plant) and plant it separately in its own setting. This is convenient for many reasons.

Each plant is an exact genetic copy of its parent, so if you make a clone of a female plant you are 100% guaranteed that they will be female plants as well.

Also since you aren’t starting at ground zero with a seed you can begin the flowering process whenever you’d like because the clones are fully mature, this makes everything much faster. One of the coolest advantages to having clones is that if you have a female plant and love the outcome of what you yield (Potency, taste, etc…) you can create a clone of her! All in all a clone is a great way to eliminate the headache of male plants or seeds and become a mad scientist in the process!

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