Stoner Dictionary | Faded

Faded: adjective 1. a term describing the state of being high on marijuana 2. being high on marijuana and drunk on alcohol simultaneously

Example: “Amanda got way too faded at the party last night.”

This is a favorite term among so many, especially in that of urban hip hop culture. Faded is most often used on the West Coast to describe being stoned. Some places also use faded in the event that you are really drunk and really high at the same time, others refer to this as “cross-faded.”

There are so many variations of the actual feelings of being high, that it makes perfect sense that there are so many terms for it.

When the term comes to mind one can think of it as the concept of fading from one mental state of being and into another, one filled with whimsical notions and lots and lots of smoke. Don’t forget about the power of Cannabis Edibles as well. It is so easy to just eat a brownie or tincture to put on in their Higher State Of Mind.

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