Light Up

Stoner Dictionary | Light Up

Light Up: verb 1. the act of lighting marijuana and inhaling it

Example: “Hey man, I got a fatty, let’s light up!”

You deserve the relaxing ride into High Ville. Means simply to smoke, the act of sparking  a match  your favorite smoking apparatus and entering into the chill zone. This phrase is widely used among many smokers and not all of marijuana. Some phrases you might hear include, but are not limited to, the following:

“You’ve been under so much stress lately honey, you need to …..”

“Dude, light up!” You can expect to hear at least one of these phrases if you stick with Mary Jane long enough. Just make sure you’ve got your lighter, matches, blowtorch, hemp wick, stove, or whatever you use for smoking .Ready, it’s time to blaze. It can be said at the bowling alley, on the phone or at your next birthday bash. It’s always the right to to spark one up and you know exactly how to do it. We need more lighters to point up to the sky and send love to those in need.

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