Stoner Dictionary Krippy

Stoner Dictionary Krippy

Krippy: noun 1. highly potent marijuana

Origin: the southern region of the United States

Example: “All I wanna do is smoke that krippy all day every day.”

Where you live you always try to get your hands on the dank, the fire, some chronic, but your cousins from down south smoke that.

Krippy originated as a southern slang word for the highest grade of marijuana you can smoke.

The term was most likely born in Florida, where it is still used widely in areas like Miami. Some argue there are easily over 1,000 different breeds of Mary Jane that could be classified as krippy but in the end boils down personal preference. The next time you’re vacationing down south and you hear the locals mention some krippy, you’ve made it to the right group of pals.

We have driven all across the U.S. and the terminology is different from state to state. Even from country to country the terms may be different but the culture and lifestyle is steadily strong.


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