Stoner Dictionary | Lit

Lit: adjective 1. the state of being under the influence of marijuana

Example: “After that hit from the volcano, I am lit.”

Once the lighting of the marijuana has taken place, there should only be a matter of time before you’re lit. A term that has a few different definitions but they all ultimately mean the same thing. Also most often refers to smoking some bud and reaching a point of major intoxication where all you want to do is smile, thus making you look lit up like a light. Stoned out of your mind and taken to a place filled only with smiles and friendly wizards.

Referred to as being completely stoned and drunk at the same time.

Some people believe that cannabis counteracts the effects of a hangover the next morning after a few strong drinks. Then the act of being lit was born. You may be feeling that liquid buzz, or soaring in a beautiful joint high, but if no one’s telling jokes and you’re smiling then you’re lit. If you’re standing in front of the xmas tree and smiling well then you are also. The state that is on every stoners agenda to be at! 

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