Stoner Dictionary | Gone

Gone: adjective 1. describes a state of extreme intoxication

Example: “One hit of that wax and Colin was gone the rest of the night.”

You were just there; hanging out in your room sitting on the floor staring at your Pink Floyd posters. Inhaling some really fine dank, and now you’re in a world far away from the world you once knew. A stoner always loves getting completely stoned to the point of no return. This state of high usually comes with a floaty feeling and a sense of detachment from that which we consider to be reality. And boy does it feel awesome!  This term really is a universal term for being extremely intoxicated.  Stoners almost always inhale with thoughts of taking in a nice vacation and being good for an amount of time.

We know the party that is coming up this weekend and we don’t want to be the one who is way out there. Know you’re limit when it comes to smoking the fine cannabis.

1 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Megal says:

    1st time I was but a lad of 13, toked dank @ ol’baby sitter’s home
    & caught a mind detaching buz’n-a half….., Ya, those were the Daze !

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