Stoner Dictionary | Crutch 

Crutch: noun 1. a filter or sturdy piece of paper or cardboard that is inserted into the tip of a marijuana cigarette

Example: “Rolling a joint with a crutch makes roaches way easier to smoke.”

Definitely utilized by elite stoners, the crutch is somewhat of a level up from the average rolled joint. One of the worst things is smoking a doob in a big group until it becomes a soggy, weak little roach that no one wants to bother finishing. They can be easily made by tearing off a small rectangular piece of paper or cardboard, like from a Zig Zag container for example, and rolled into a tiny tube. This tube is then inserted into one end of the joint and becomes a sturdy mouthpiece. This method has become so popular, that many rolling paper brands, like RAW hemp papers, have created small booklets of perforated joint tips, usually coming in packs of 50! That’s the possibility of 50 joints. Some even come attached to their regular papers as a little stoner-friendly bundle.

If you buy one of those booklets, be sure not to be wasteful and start rollin’!