Stoner Dictionary | Cashed

Cashed: adjective 1. a term used to describe a bowl of marijuana that has been smoked to ash

Example: “You can try and take a rip but it’s pretty much cashed.”

So your friend keeps packin’ bowls but for some reason every time it gets to you, all you get is a mouthful of ash! Not only is it time to change the rotation, but it may be time you pack one and start the rotation on yourself. Tell your crew properly it’s not cool to pass the ash. Cash it out and pack a freshy for anyone in the circle that missed out.

but this is what it means when your bowl is cashed.

You can try and smoke a cashed bowl, but you will get nowhere fast. In the land of plenty, the word would not exist, but until then at least now you know what to say when the bowl is in need of a refill.