Stoner Dictionary | Giggles

Giggles: noun 1. an uncontrollable urge to laugh and smile while under the influence of marijuana

Example: “We smoked so much weed on our camping trip that we had the giggles all weekend.”

Laughing with your friends is such a great feeling that most people enjoy wholeheartedly. Laughing with your friends high on weed is fun times infinity. Giggles is what some people in certain areas use to call weed, the reason being because often when smoking marijuana you can find numerous amounts of things to be funny, and you laugh continuously. It definitely makes for a good time when you realize that you’re high.

Being unable to control your giggles and continuous smiling is a grade A side effect.

Getting the giggles from marijuana is something that still continues to occur even after years of cannabis use, and is one reason smokers enjoy smoking so much. Laughing raises endorphins in your brain, which in turn make you happy, and everyone just wants to be happy right?