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Stoner Dictionary | Get High

Get High: verb 1. the state of becoming and being under the influence of marijuana

Example: “I can’t wait to kick off my shoes, lay in my hammock, roll up a doob and get high.”

With the exception of some medicinal users, the widely popular act of smoking marijuana is done for one sole reason, and that is to get high. The term high has been used for decades to describe an elevated altered state of consciousness, often as a result from consuming some kind of psychotropic substance. After consuming marijuana, many feel the sensation of a heightened state of consciousness where sight, touch, sound, taste and smell are all sharpened, one of the many reasons why glaucoma sufferers find relief and why food tastes so amazing when you are high. It is also why smoking during live music concerts is such a euphoric experience as the heightened aural senses cause you to hear every drumbeat, guitar stroke and octave. Depending on the type of marijuana, the user may also feel a light, uplifting feeling in the head, sometimes feeling like you are floating. In the popular stoner movie Half Baked starring Dave Chappelle, they literally get high after smoking some mind-blowing chronic where they actually begin levitating over their living room and are able to float around New York City. While marijuana cannot promise literal flight, it can at least provide the sensation of flight which is more than good enough for us mellow stoners.

Many look at this as a state of being where we can explore social cravings, creativity, laughter, food, and many other things more in depth and with heightened senses.

For others it’s just a way to relax and unwind from the miasma of daily stresses and anxieties. The experience itself is one that is better felt than explained. While high, it’s ironic that most people end up crashing. In many cases, being high intensifies what you already feel. Whatever you are looking for out of a high, you will find. Being high has many different feelings depending on the type of weed and person’s body chemistry and preference. A predominately sativa high will feel more exciting and uplifting. A perfect strain for the daytime, sativa will keep you energetic and productive throughout your daily routine. It is great for the active and creative stoner who likes that cerebral head high. Sativas are also better for social situations, as they often make the user much more talkative and intuitive. An indica high is much more laid back and insightful. Definitely a heavy hitting strain, indicas are best for nighttime relaxation and winding down. Smoking indicas with the right soundtrack, people, and environment can offer a very pensive and enlightening experience. Indica strains are referred to by many medical marijuana gurus as the true medical marijuana because they often have higher THC and CBD content and are sedative by nature. With the advances in cannabis breeding, there is a different flavor and a high for every stoner of the rainbow. The one thing that all highs from marijuana have in common is that they all make you feel on top of the world, and that’s pretty high.

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