Stoner Dictionary | Cannaoil 

Cannaoil: noun 1. cannabis infused oil

Example: “I used cannaoil to make this rasta pasta.”

Cannaoil is an alternative to cannabutter and can be used for many things. The process of making it is very similar to that of cannabutter. The best amount to make uses one ounce of ground marijuana bud (not too fine) or trim and two cups of oil. Any oil will do, olive seems to be the most popular and has the best taste. Heat the oil to 280 degrees Fahrenheit using a double boiler so as not to burn the oil or the marijuana when added. A candy thermometer works best for checking the temperature of the oil, as it is very important that it does not get hotter than 280 degrees. When you have reached the optimal temperature, stir in your marijuana and reduce the heat to just below 280 degrees. Continue to stir to avoid burning your product. Lower the heat and simmer for an hour to an hour and a half, frequently stirring throughout the process. When you are done simmering, the oil should be a mossy green. Remove from heat and let it cool for a few minutes. Then using a stainless steel strainer, or a coffee filter for those who are lacking in kitchenware, strain your oil removing all weed particles. Another option is using a crock pot. The results are the same, however the process takes a bit longer. Using the same amount of olive oil and cannabis, heat the oil in the crock pot on low. Once it is hot, add your marijuana matter.

If you are feeling extra fancy, feel free to add some other herbs like basil, oregano, or thyme to create a unique flavor.

Cover the crock pot with a lid and be sure to stir frequently to prevent burning. Simmer your oil for about six hours. Finally, let your oil cool down and using a coffee filter or cheese cloth, strain the oil removing all the plant matter. Cannaoil has a much longer shelf life than cannabutter because of the lack of dairy product. When storing, be sure it is in an airtight container and away from direct heat. Cannaoil can also be refrigerated. 

While cannabutter is best for baked goods, cannaoil can be used for savory dishes because not everyone has a sweet tooth. One of my all time favorite marijuana dishes is spaghetti with cannaoil, or rasta pasta. The robust Italian ingredients of the spaghetti sauce complement the taste of the cannabis in a perfect marriage of flavors. Another popular use of cannaoil is as a salad dressing. Add some fresh squeezed lemon, salt, pepper and fresh garlic and you have a light, delicious salad dressing that will not only get you buzzed, but is also a healthy alternative to eating the plethora of marijuana baked goods out there. I also like to save a little for the side and dip my garlic bread in it with a little balsamic vinegar. Whatever your tastebuds desire, there is a recipe available. Yes we cannaoil!

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