Why Couples Should Smoke Together

Why Couples Should Smoke Together | Stoner Guide

We live in a society that definitely doesn’t hide violence. It’s pretty sad how much you see it on the news. Especially domestic violence, which seems to be more common every day. Couples that have the occasional fight aren’t that bad. In fact, studies have shown that arguing can be healthy. But a fight is different than bickering and it’s definitely not okay when things get violent. However, thanks to a study partially funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, it has recently been discovered that couples who smoke cannabis together have more marital success as compared to non smoking couples.


Smoking cannabis is a relaxing activity when shared with a significant other. We all know that relationships are work and our partners all do something that bothers us. After smoking, these small annoyances fade away and it is easier to communicate the way you feel about certain things getting done around the house or certain things in the relationship. By smoking together, you relax better as a couple and it is easier to laugh and to stop dwelling on the little things.


Additionally, cannabis enhances feelings during sex, making the whole thing feel that much better. THC is known for containing euphoric properties that are heightened during intercourse. In this sort of intimate setting, the plant also allows you to relax and enjoy the moment that much more. It doesn’t impair the senses like alcohol but it will also let you loosen up a little bit.

Studies have shown that couples who smoke together have considerably lower levels of domestic abuse, contrary to the legal substance alcohol, which has been known to heighten violence.


It allows people to be happier and to experience the relationship in a healthy way. Not only that but a study done in 2013 discovered that THC lowers the brain’s reaction to negative stimuli. So in serious debates, couples that smoke weed together are able to keep their cool longer and better than couples who don’t smoke, making their arguments more productive and less explosive.


In short, it’s a good idea to smoke weed with the person you love. It will help you listen to each other, love each other more deeply, and understand one another better. It’s worth a try, am I right? Now roll up a joint and share it with that special someone!

Why Couples Should Smoke Together | Stoner Guide