Stoner Couples Finding the Time

Stoner Couples Finding the Time | StonerDays

Relationships these days can be difficult, most people are just to busy with work, school or just daily tasks,  finding the time to invest in a relationship can be a pain. With the world constantly changing in technology social medias have made it easy, giving those that are busy the time to meet people on the go. Thankfully for stoners, smoking with friends can be a great way to meet new people and if you’re single or perhaps you just need to make new friends in general. Basing a relationship on weed can lead to a very awesome partnership between two people, your conversations will be simple and you’ll both more then likely get a couple of good laughs in.



Smoking together gives couples a nice pass time. The process of rolling up together or perhaps just packing a bong together is something that is much better when in the company of another person. Having a partner there with you almost always guarantees you have a wake and bake partner, someone to share stoney stories with, or someone to make late night fast food runs with. Even stoners who tend to be more on the anti social side can’t say that they dislike smoking with a significant other. You can relax easier, laugh more, and you can just enjoy each others company.


Cannabis is also said to be an aphrodisiac of sorts, considering that the substance increases blood flow and makes the body more sensitive to touch. The plant is often used as a sexual stimulant, increasing not only the great feelings that accompany sex but the connection to your partner as well, giving you both a feeling of oneness. There are tons of books on this subject, all claiming that cannabis is a great way to spice up a couple’s sex life, simply by being smoked beforehand. And once you’ve experienced this, chances are that you won’t want to ever have sex without cannabis again.


The couples that smoke together tend to stay together. Not just because the plant advocates for great sex but also because stoners tend to be less violent and more apt to discussions rather than fights, allowing the relationship to be less turbulent than say, a couple that constantly drinks alcohol. Two stoners definitely make a great match!

Stoner Couples Finding the Time | StonerDays