Dime Bag

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Dime Bag: noun 1. ten dollars worth of marijuana; also known as a dime bag

Example: “Go score me a dime bag.” – Kyle Gass (Tenacious D)

We’re not talking sexy ladies, and we’re not talking about a coin worth ten cents, we’re talking dime bags. Used to describe $10 worth of marijuana, it is a common street term used pretty frequently. Now the specifics of a dime depend on who you plan to purchase your dome from, and how they value the quality of the bud. Some sellers have dimes available that are always a certain weight, but you can expect that a ten bag should be between 0.3 and 1 gram of reefer. That’s around the ballpark of what one can expect when getting a dime. With that being said, the best indicator of what a dime should look like is you! If it looks to be a decent amount worth $10 then it’s a good dime and you should be able to get at least two joints out of one bag. For the price, it’s generally not a bad idea and a pretty good deal to get you smoking. A wise man once said, “Some weed, is better than none.”

Dime Bag

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