Stoner Dictionary | Cone

Cone: noun 1. a metal, typically aluminum, funnel used as an accessory to smoking marijuana from a pipe 2. a style of rolling paper that is pre-rolled into a conical shape with a crutch or filter in the tip

Example: “I made this sweet cone out of a beer can.”

Another one of marijuana’s innovative inventions would be the cone. A  small metallic cone with a hole in the bottom that you place inside the center of your pipe to put your bud inside of and burn. Also another name for a bowl and a lot of people refer to this as their CP for short. They are sold at some smoke shops and are usually made out of aluminum or brass. Still there are those that prefer to make their own and can do so with aluminum cans and sometimes even foil. Depending on where you live all head shops may not carry them so you’d have to get crafty. Most people find them to be a very effective way to smoke and they are used by a large percentage of smokers. Some people call a cone a joint that is rolled at an angle so that it’s actually shaped like a cone. But more often than not when cone comes up in convo you’re getting ready to light your bowl. When lighting one up think of it as the treat it is, and feel guaranteed that it’s way sweeter than an ice cream cone will ever be.

Example: “I just smoked this cone joint called the Death Rocket and I am blitzed out of my mind.”

Cone style rolling papers can often be found unfilled or filled at many medical marijuana collectives. A simpler alternative to those who have not mastered the art of joint rolling, a cone is a rolling paper pre-rolled and sealed in with a crutch or filter at its tip. Working best with ground cannabis, you simply funnel the weed from the open end into the narrow tip, filling it tightly and twisting it shut. Voila, a perfectly shaped and rolled cone joint, every time. If you ever come across a pre-roll cone called the Death Rocket at a dispensary, I suggest you swoop it up. Usually only for a donation of $10-15, the Death Rocket is a sweet medley of kush, hash, kief, and dipped in hash oil. Definitely not a solo task, if you find this gem, be sure to share!

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