Stoner Dictionary | Dome

Dome: verb 1. the act of using your nostril as a smoking apparatus

Example: “Dan broke my pipe so I’m gonna dome this nug.”

So you’re facing a dilemma: you’ve really got that urge to smoke and you’ve got some bud but no bowl, no papers, no pipe, and no hope? Not to worry, because you’ve got a nose (hopefully)! This is where being resourceful, and maybe a little bit crazy gets fun. If you’re adventurous enough to try it and not afraid of burning your nose off, here’s how you take it straight to the dome. First, you put a piece of weed in one nostril, and then close the other nostril with your finger. Take a lighter and light the weed in your nostril, inhale deeply, and voila! You just got high without using conventional methods, score! The straight to the dome method does exactly what it says.

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When you inhale the bud through your nose in this way it gives you a more intense “head high”.

This is also a pretty fun party activity to get some excitement flowing. So the next time you find yourself with no smoking apparatus and Mary Jane staring you in the face, use your face and remember, there’s nothing that the stoner mind can’t achieve!

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